Contributor License Agreements

The Django software foundation is asking all past and future contributors to sign a contributor license agreement. Every contributor of non-trivial amounts of code (more than just a line or two) to Django should sign such a document. If somebody is unable to sign the document, their contribution (whether it be code, or documentation or string translations) may need to be removed from Django.

The CLA ensures that the Django Software Foundation has clear license to all its contributions, which in turns lets us guarantee to users that we have no "stray" intellectual property or differently-licensed material.


We have a Contributor License Agreement FAQ which explains much more about what the CLA means and why we're doing this. Please also feel free to contact the foundation if you have any questions about licensing.

So where do I sign? What's next?

  1. Download a copy of the CLA:
  2. Sign the CLA in a PDF editor; or print, sign, and scan it.
  3. Email the CLA to the Django Software Foundation at
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